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Ogy Winenriandhika Co-Founder KlinikGo Our next target for better healthmovement is well supportedwithin this program. BSC has facilitated our business with many insights during country visit to Malaysia, from our mentors and other startups as well.


Galih Pratiwi Head of Business MAPID Mentoring session in BSC wasa gamechanger on how wepitch our startup. We gain many insights from mentors that changed our perspective on how to pitch our startup that made us chosen as one of the qualified startups to join BSC.


Dezan Taruna Jaya CEO & Founder Betukang.id BSC gave us more insight ofMalaysia startup ecosystemduring country visit. We, in Betukang.id, have target to expand to Malaysia, and with great insight from VCs, this will be the first step to achieve it.


Gilang Bagaskara Business Coach MSME, The Greater Hub SBM ITB This program is spot on inmaximizing digital approachfor SMEs Most SME founders and owner are housewives. Every sessions and modules are relatable and right on target in PerempuanBijakBerusaha.id.


Marlengen Perwita Owner & Founder Hellyeahfood.co I want to increase my onlinesales strategy, and thisprogram answers it. PerempuanBijakBerusaha.id is relevant with the business I’m currently running. All strategic learning modules are easy to learn and very interactive.


Bonet Marulita Owner & Founder Botya Group This is the one-stop platformfor SMEs to go digital PerempuanBijakBerusaha.id supports us to start and digitize my business through various marketing strategies, financial management, and promotion to reach new segment of customers.

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Christian Limawan Head of AIForesee BEKUP showed us manyinsightful perspectives onhow we do our business. We gained many knowledge from mentors, VCs, and networks in BEKUP to help us make our business more sustainable.

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Muhammad Rizza Founder & CEO CeXup It was important for us to meetthe coach that understand ourbusiness in healthcare. Being mentored with people that understood our business was very important for our journey in BEKUP, and we learned more than just business that could upgrade our team better.

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Maria Juanita Godjali Co-Founder GetGoing This is the second time wejoined BEKUP, and it’s a funexperience! We are really thankful for our mentors for giving us the insights and inputs to develop our B2B business even further.

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Dimas Herdy Utomo Founder & CEO Serabut Nusa Selected as one of the Top 10Startups is a big achievementfor us. We have learned a lot of insights from the networks and all mentors that supported our journey through BEKUP, and we hope this program can reach out more promising founders in rural areas.