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Erika Tanudjaya Investment Analyst OCBC NISP Ventura DNA Demoweek is inspiring,and we met promising,potential startups to invest. It’s a great opportunity to meet many promising startups in one program, and also sharing insights with other VCs and new networks as well.

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Annelis Putri Founder & Director Indonesia Business Post DNA Demoweek is a goodopportunity for startups toget early funding. We are happy to get a chance to meet many VCs in this program and hoping to pitch with more investors in future programs.

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Liva Lie CEO Atlaz Belajar Bahasa This program is open to anystartups and give us edutechstartup chance to grow. Hopefully we can meet more VCs, especially those looking for edutech startups to invest, that Atlaz is different from any other edutech startups out there!

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Khoirun Mumpuni COO of Karla Bionics Thank you for yoursupport and trust on ourstartup. SheHacks helped to strengthen our sales’ strategy through series of intensive discussion with our mentors and valuable networks in within the program.

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Hanna Keraf Chief of Community Developmentand Partnership of Krealogi This collaborationbecame a big opportunityfor Krealogi. We are proud to be part of SheHacks’ community to get valuable knowledge and connected with partners needed to grow our business even further

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Ratih Rachmatika CEO & Co-Founder SIAB Indonesia We got the chance topitch in Singapore! We get many meaningful insights through 1 on 1 mentoring sessions and helped us connected with industry partners in water management technology to expand our business’ growth. We also had the chance to join in Indonesian Green and Tourism Startup in […]