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Yulnita Sapri Chief Marketing Officer Psikku We had the opportunity tointroduce our product topotential partners made newconnections! What we obtained from this program was immediately compiledand implemented according to our needs.

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Ratna Yoes CEO IoTa Kids The jury’s questions triggeredme to think further for mybusiness. Demo Day InnovateHer Academy provided me with theopportunity to share what Iota Kids is currently working on. Thebusiness matching session was very engaging as it allowed me tomeet VCs in person.

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Yonas Yasa Head of Event & Promotion, Digital Hub, Sinar Mas Land KUMPUL.ID supportsIndonesia’s economy togrow even further Digital Hub’s collaboration with KUMPUL.ID was very intense,and hopefully this collaboration will grow even bigger tosupport the growth of entrepreneurs, and to acceleratecountry’s economic growth.

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Steve Saerang Senior Vice President of Corporate CommunicationIndosat Ooredoo Hutchison KUMPUL.ID answersIndosat OoeredooHutchison’s concern onwomen empowerment Our main focus in Indosat Ooredoo Hutchison is aboutwomen empowerment, and the collaboration withKUMPUL.ID has created numerous potential solutions, as wellas connecting our communities to new opportunities,collaborations, and supportive ecosystem.

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Muhammad Neil El Himam Deputy Chairman for Digital Economy andCreative Products, Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy KUMPUL.ID is capable inempowering digitalstartup ecosystem For us in government, KUMPUL.ID is capable to develop our program (Baparekraf for Startup) to run well, contributing to the development of entrepreneurship in Indonesia, and has been supporting us to empower […]


Cindy Ozzie Co-Founder & CMO PasarNow This program provided thekey to success for startups one of the keys to a startup being successful is when the startup has a good network and can collaborate with all people. DNA Accelerate has that benefits.

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Ni Ketut Suriastuti Sun Bakery This program provides the toolsneeded to facilitate our business. The program has provided us with the right modules, the right experts guiding us with their strategy.

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Arkana Lanangputra ALP Lanang Ukir – MHY The whole session is what weneed for our business’ growth! We learned how to design financial projection, how to manage cash flow, so we know how to get the best prospect for our business and profits in five years, as well as how we manage our business through […]


Alif Putera REYD ACTIVE This program was quiteextraordinary it brought me together with venture capitalists and met my friends in the startup field., So I could exchange ideas with them, exchanged connections, and even worked together.


Gunawan Wahab CEO & Co-Founder PetsKita In this 2-Months program wemet lot of great networks. We were exposed with the Malaysian startup ecosystems during the country visit, meeting new potential connections for if we are going to expand our business to Malaysia.