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How Accelerators Support Enterprises in Achieving the 8% Entrepreneurship Rate Target in 2045 for Golden Indonesia

The Golden Indonesia 2045 Vision, also known as “Visi Indonesia Emas 2045” in Indonesian, is an aspirational goal for the country to become a sovereign, advanced, fair, and prosperous nation by its centennial in 2045. This vision was formulated by the Ministry of National Development Planning of Indonesia and was launched by the 7th Indonesian president, Joko Widodo, on May 9, 2019. The objective is for Indonesia to become the world’s fourth or fifth-largest economy by 2045.


Realizing Indonesia’s vision in 2045 is a government initiative to build the country into a global megatrend that can withstand intense competition. The government aims to achieve this by establishing the four pillars of the Indonesia 2045 Vision based on Pancasila and the 1945 Constitution. These pillars include Human Development and Mastery of Science and Technology, Sustainable Economic Development, Development Equality, and Strengthening National Resilience and Governance.


To achieve sustainable economic development, increasing the entrepreneurship rate is crucial. Currently, Indonesia’s entrepreneurship rate is only around 3%, while the target set by the Indonesia 2045 Vision is 8%. Hence, the role of Accelerators and Incubators becomes essential. These entities assist entrepreneurs in accessing a robust business ecosystem, connecting their businesses with industry players capable of supporting them through business matching programs. Regular mentorship and tailored classes further anchor the business development and founder mindset.

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How KUMPUL.ID Supports This Goal


KUMPUL.ID has been an accelerator and incubator since 2015. It pioneered the 1000 Digital Startups program together with the Ministry of Information and Technology, conducting roadshows across Indonesia to develop entrepreneurial skills from ideation to mature entrepreneurs. Collaborating with various strategic partners, KUMPUL.ID runs annual programs like BEKUP with the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy, encompassing both Incubator and Accelerator schemes. Additionally, the SheHacks program with Indosat Ooredoo Hutchison focuses on accelerating women entrepreneurs.


Data shows significant impacts, including funding achievements totaling 135 billion Rupiah in 2022-2023 and a 330% increase in job openings facilitated by startup growth. The programs have successfully helped startups develop revenue up to 50 times their initial conditions.


As part of environmental sustainability efforts in collaboration with Medco Foundation, KUMPUL.ID supports startups in environmental conservation, waste reduction, circularity, recycling, and renewable energy. Startups have reduced carbon emissions by 266,700 and processed 62,500 units of waste. Partnering with Pegadaian, KUMPUL.ID has mentored 30 environmentally friendly packaging-ready MSMEs.


In conclusion, Accelerator and Incubator programs are believed to be pivotal in shaping the entrepreneurial mindset aligned with the vision of Golden Indonesia 2045. The development of a business mindset is expected to have positive social and environmental impacts, with simultaneous implementation likely to amplify these effects.


KUMPUL.ID invites you to be part of this journey towards a more prosperous Indonesia and make a positive difference, empowering entrepreneurs to create innovative solutions, shaping a Golden Indonesia where entrepreneurship thrives.

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