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Gilang Bagaskara Business Coach MSME, The Greater Hub SBM ITB This program is spot on inmaximizing digital approachfor SMEs Most SME founders and owner are housewives. Every sessions and modules are relatable and right on target in PerempuanBijakBerusaha.id.


Marlengen Perwita Owner & Founder Hellyeahfood.co I want to increase my onlinesales strategy, and thisprogram answers it. PerempuanBijakBerusaha.id is relevant with the business I’m currently running. All strategic learning modules are easy to learn and very interactive.


Bonet Marulita Owner & Founder Botya Group This is the one-stop platformfor SMEs to go digital PerempuanBijakBerusaha.id supports us to start and digitize my business through various marketing strategies, financial management, and promotion to reach new segment of customers.