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KUMPUL.ID and Womenpreneur HIPMI Signed Memorandum of Understanding in Collaboration To Strengthening the Women Entrepreneurship Ecosystem with Strategic Initiatives

HIPMI Womenpreneur BPP HIPMI and KUMPUL.ID, two leading entities in advancing entrepreneurship in Indonesia, proudly announce the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) aimed at strengthening collaboration and support for women entrepreneurs in Indonesia.

In the context of entrepreneurship, the role and contribution of women are increasingly recognized and valued. The collaboration between Womenpreneur HIPMI and KUMPUL.ID aims to empower more women entrepreneurs, expand their networks, and provide the necessary resources and mentoring to address challenges and achieve success.

At the MoU signing ceremony held on April 4th, 2024 in Jakarta, HIPMI Womenpreneur BPP HIPMI agreed to support programs run by KUMPUL.ID, in forms including but not limited to technical assistance and human resources to identify potential startups/mentors. Additionally, both parties agreed to collaborate in developing programs for MSMEs.

KUMPUL.ID is the largest entrepreneurship ecosystem catalyst in Indonesia, catalyzing economic growth and being a key driver in improving the welfare of entrepreneurship practitioners, including startups and MSMEs in Indonesia.

Through impactful programs such as SheHacks, Baparekraf for Startup, and PerempuanBijakBerusaha.id, KUMPUL.ID has significantly contributed to empowering entrepreneurship in Indonesia and supported achieving total funding for entrepreneurs within the KUMPUL.ID ecosystem to over 7.3 million US dollars.

The collaboration between HIPMI Womenpreneur BPP HIPMI and KUMPUL.ID is expected to create a much greater impact on the growth of the entrepreneurship ecosystem, with Womenpreneur HIPMI playing a role in accessing experts within the entrepreneurship field.

Ayse Melissa Hamid, Chairwoman of HIPMI Womenpreneur BPP HIPMI, stated in her comment, “We are delighted to collaborate with KUMPUL.ID in our efforts to advance women’s entrepreneurship in Indonesia. This collaboration will help empower more women to realize their potential as entrepreneurs. We need to engage multiple stakeholders to Strengthen the Women Entrepreneurship Ecosystem in Indonesia.”

Meanwhile, Faye Wongso, Founder and Chairperson of KUMPUL.ID, added, “We believe that by combining the strengths of HIPMI Womenpreneur BPP HIPMI and KUMPUL.ID, we can create an ecosystem that supports, motivates, and strengthens the role of women entrepreneurs in the Indonesian economy.”

Both parties believe that this collaboration will have a significant positive impact on the Indonesian economy, as well as inspire and encourage more women to achieve success in the entrepreneurial world.