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From Idea to Asia: Glanced on the Strategic Initiatives Startups’ Global Market Expansion Led by the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy

In the dynamic landscape of Southeast Asia’s startup ecosystem, Indonesia has emerged as a center of innovation and a creative economy. The driving force behind this surge is the Tourism and Creative Economy Agency (Baparekraf) under the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy of the Republic of Indonesia.

The Ministry has become the catalyst for the remarkable growth of local startups with its two flagship initiatives: BEKUP – Baparekraf for Startup (BEKUP) and Baparekraf Scale-Up Champions (BSC), spearheaded by Muhammad Neil El Himam, M.Sc as the Deputy Chairman for Digital Economy and Creative Products, unleashing a wave of innovation that promises to reshape the nation’s economic landscape.

BEKUP, a visionary accelerator program, serves as a launchpad for growing startups, increasing 15%-50% of revenue and 60% average startup survival rate for the impacted startups within the program.

Following the success of BEKUP – Baparekraf for Startup, the Baparekraf Scale-Up Champions (BSC) initiative took startups to new heights, providing a strategic framework for expansion and scalability. Launched in June 2023, the program has been a driving force behind the success stories of Indonesian startups, enabling them to navigate the complexities of scaling a business and seizing opportunities nationally and globally.

The Ministry’s visionary approach has empowered five selected startups, including Klinikgo, MAPID, Devcode, Betukang.id, and Petskita, to disrupt traditional industries, connecting them to global market access through  Country Visit sessions to the Malaysian ecosystem with the support of KUMPUL.ID as Strategic Partner of the program.

These sessions strategically equipped the chosen startups for international market expansion. This was proven successful, marked by the official collaborative partnership between Klinikgo and a digital health startup from Malaysia, Angsana Health, on November 30, 2023.

The ripple effect of BSC is undeniable, propelling these startups into a realm of unparalleled possibilities and setting the stage for their global success, igniting a spark that will undoubtedly fuel the nation’s entrepreneurial spirit for years to come.

Indonesia is not just witnessing a startup revolution, it is shaping the future of global innovation.