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1000 startup digital
March - May 20201000 startup digital
1000 startup digital

1000 startup digital program is a nation... Read more

Startup Weekend Indonesia
March - May 2020Startup Weekend Indonesia
Startup Weekend Indonesia

Startup Weekend Indonesia is an initiati... Read more

Kini Setara
March - May 2020Kini Setara
Kini Setara

A movement to empower Community Leaders ... Read more

Their Stories


"In term of business and impact, Kumpul is just like the magnet for Kembali. There are lot of programs from Kumpul which give impacts to Kembali and also to the local communities (in Bali). We can learn not just about startup or business, but also self-improvement and skills to the community or even to our internal staffs. A lot of opportunities and challenges we've never imagined before can be done alongside Kumpul."

-Bagus Bayusutha-

Space Lead Kembali


"It's fun to collaborate with Kumpul. We get tons of network and insights from the members, even from Kumpul's team itself. Kumpul has an important role in startup/coworking industry in Indonesia. There aren't any that has program such as 1000 Startup Digital, Startup Weekend Indonesia, and local programs like Kumpul does. Kumpul also has vast network as the community enabler in Indonesia."

-Febri Pratama-

CTO Founder Gringgo


"The synergy built by Kumpul as the advocate of the local ecosystem in many cities in Indonesia along with expert of national and international industry, helps Kominfo to make sure the community to have the same opportunities to start their own very first startup. We hope that Kumpul will open even more opportunities to many other cities in Indonesia in the future."

- Sonny Sudaryana-

Head Implementation of ICT Empowerment Kominfo


"I know KUMPUL since I attended Startup Weekend Global Women Jakarta. At first I thought Kumpul was an EO but I realize that KUMPUL is beyond that. Kumpul is a provider of cool program for entrepreneur and one of their program is Startup Weekend jakarta. I can’t wait to join another program from KUMPUL!"

-Zephania Maestronella-

Founder KinderPod, Pemenang SW Global Women Jakarta