We Help Business & Community to innovate, scale & Create Impact

Platform and engine for ecosystem builder to distribute opportunity that focus on entrepreneur growth

We are focusing on distribute opportunities
to ecosystem builders like you

Kumpul Philosophy: Business


Either you are startups or corporate we will give you access to our network and curated program to help you scale & innovate!

Kumpul Philosophy: Hubs


As part of the ecosystem we will connect you to highly curated program that fits your need to support your community to scale

Kumpul Philosophy: Community


As part of the ecosystem we will connect you to highly curated program and hubs that fits your value to help you creating bigger impact


We provide a marketplace for impactful programs that help
coworking spaces scale up and provide more value for their members

Kumpul Value: People


Creating bigger impact

  • Engage & support entrepreneurial journey
  • Access to database of innovators
  • Get industry insights
  • Access to the best experts,
    mentors, speakers, and facilitators across Indonesia
Kumpul Value: Program


Help you innovate

  • Curated national & international scale program
  • Increasing your team capacity
Kumpul Value: Place


Scale your business

  • Collaborate with many entrepreneur communities
  • Space to work and collaborate across Indonesia
  • Activate your program across Indonesia easily!

Are you ready to
innovate, scale, and create impact?