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Collective Initiatives on Supporting Sustainability Ecosystem

In an era where global challenges demand collective action, sustainability stands out as a paramount concern for nations across the world. Indonesia, with its rich biodiversity and cultural diversity, finds itself at the crossroads of a crucial decision-making juncture. Tackling sustainability issues has become imperative for the nation’s well-being. 


Focusing on the intersection of business and sustainability, KUMPUL.ID have been actively contributing to this cause through a series of flagship initiatives as well as collaborative endeavors with ecosystem partners, giving impacts on social harmony, environmental preservation, and economic resilience.


At its core, sustainability is about meeting the needs of the present without compromising the ability of future generations to meet their own needs. KUMPUL.ID has been supporting entrepreneurs in startups and SMEs who contribute to the sustainability movement. However, according to KUMPUL.ID’s Scale Up Readiness Index (SCRIN) data, 88.5 percent of entrepreneurs have not yet implemented sustainability aspects to their businesses. This number is considered to be a huge concern and attention to be solved in a few years.


Through mentorship programs and workshops, KUMPUL.ID empowers small businesses to embrace sustainable practices, fostering a sense of responsibility towards society, embracing the positive impacts to several key factors.

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Environmental Impact


Indonesia, with its rich biodiversity and natural resources, faces increasing environmental threats. Deforestation, pollution, and climate change pose significant challenges to the nation’s ecological balance. The importance of sustainability in preserving Indonesia’s unique environment cannot be overstated.


KUMPUL.ID has taken noteworthy strides in addressing environmental concerns. In 2021, through a collaborative program initiated by Medco Foundation, Medco Startup National Showcase, KUMPUL.ID empowered startups focused on sustainability within its ecosystem, the platform has become a catalyst for positive change.


As of the latest data, sustainability startups within our ecosystem have processed a staggering 62,500 units of waste and captured 266,700 Carbon Dioxide (CO₂) emissions. These efforts not only mitigate environmental damage but also create a healthier living environment for the people directly impacted.


Economic Impact


While some may perceive sustainability as an impediment to economic growth, evidence suggests otherwise. In fact, sustainable practices can be a driver for economic development, fostering innovation, and attracting investments, building a resilient and dynamic economy.


KUMPUL.ID’s commitment to sustainability is evident in its support for green initiatives among SMEs and startups. One of the latest initiatives in 2023 was a series of mentorship on green packaging to over 30 Craft SMEs in Jabodetabek, Bandung, and Jogjakarta through the MSMEs Development Program, initiated by PT Pegadaian.


By incorporating sustainable packaging practices, businesses not only contribute to environmental preservation but also enhance their marketability. Consumers are increasingly conscious of the environmental footprint of the products they purchase, making sustainability a key differentiator in the marketplace.


The Urgency for Sustainability in Indonesia


Indonesia, with its vast population and diverse ecosystems, faces a unique set of challenges that demand immediate attention. The urgency for sustainability in Indonesia is driven by the interconnectedness of those three factors mentioned earlier.


KUMPUL.ID, recognizing the pivotal role of sustainability, has been at the forefront of supporting initiatives that align with environmental and social responsibility. By fostering a community that values sustainability, we contribute to a broader movement towards a more sustainable Indonesia.


As sustainability issues in Indonesia cannot be overstated, the journey towards a sustainable Indonesia requires collective action, and initiatives crucial in shaping a better and more resilient future. KUMPUL.ID is open for your organization to explore and collaborate to bring more positive impacts towards environment, sustainability, and economic growth.

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