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East Ventures: The Startup’s Roadmap for Successful Funding

Dream of launching your groundbreaking startup? You’re not alone! Indonesia’s tech ecosystem offers abundant opportunities for aspiring founders like you to make your mark. You might be unsure where to start. With determination, yet, you could be the next big unicorn! Find out the strategic roadmap by East Ventures, a pioneering and leading sector-agnostic venture […]

Nurturing Organic Growth: Tanio’s Journey from Seed to Success

The Green Revolution is quietly unfolding globally in the food industry, transforming the agricultural landscape and reshaping how we perceive our food. The demand for organic produce has steadily gained momentum in recent years, driven by a growing awareness of health-conscious consumers and a collective concern for the nation’s food security. The organic food industry’s […]

Collective Initiatives on Supporting Sustainability Ecosystem

Hands preserving replica of green earth

In an era where global challenges demand collective action, sustainability stands out as a paramount concern for nations across the world. Indonesia, with its rich biodiversity and cultural diversity, finds itself at the crossroads of a crucial decision-making juncture. Tackling sustainability issues has become imperative for the nation’s well-being. Focusing on the intersection of business […]

From Idea to Asia: Glanced on the Strategic Initiatives Startups’ Global Market Expansion Led by the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy

In the dynamic landscape of Southeast Asia’s startup ecosystem, Indonesia has emerged as a center of innovation and a creative economy. The driving force behind this surge is the Tourism and Creative Economy Agency (Baparekraf) under the Ministry of Tourism and Creative Economy of the Republic of Indonesia. The Ministry has become the catalyst for […]

Accelerating Impacts for Women: Celebrating Multi-Year Partnership between Indosat Ooredoo Hutchison and KUMPUL.ID

PT. Indosat Tbk‘s CSR program, SheHacks 2023, recently concluded with an impactful Awarding Day on December 12, 2023. SheHacks 2023 marks the third year of a multiyear partnership between Indosat Ooredoo Hutchison and KUMPUL.ID to bring innovative solutions to address gender disparities for women in economic outcomes, entrepreneurship, education, health, and the environment by leveraging […]