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Establishing A Business with Scalability in the Flourishing Economy of Southeast Asia

The internet economy in Southeast Asia is expected to exceed US$300 billion by 2025, showing a wealth of opportunities for startups in the region to build innovations never seen before. However, to capitalize on these prospects, startups must implement processes that ensure future sustainability and scalability. As startups transition from their initial stages to scaleup […]

The Leading Initiatives To Women Empowerment and Equality by Indosat Ooredoo Hutchison

Empowering womenpreneur in emerging markets, particularly in a diverse and dynamic economy like Indonesia, holds profound significance, catalyzing economic growth by unlocking the full potential of the workforce. When women are provided with opportunities to start and lead businesses, it expands the labor market, contributing to increased productivity and overall economic development. This is also […]

Asia’s Tech Boom: Defying the Global Economic Winter with Digital Innovation

The global economic slowdown in 2023 needs to be kept in mind by every country, as many big startups are preparing to strengthen their companies for the upcoming “winter”; for it can be a drag on their business growth due to recession, or, it can bring new and greater opportunities to innovate and accelerate. This […]

Setting The Right Navigation to Blue Economy

Standing on the shores of Indonesia, where the world’s largest archipelago stretches across thousands of potentials, each with its unique and charming maritime industries. Now, picture the immense potential that lies beneath the waters – a potential that is not just promising, but it’s like a hidden treasure chest of a sustainable growing Blue Economy […]

Navigating The Next Wave Of Entrepreneurial Technology Trends

The era dominated by technological advances is characterized by digital transformation that occurs in various sectors, including the business and economic sectors. Now, the digital economy is starting to become a business trend in Indonesia and is one of the important pillars of the nation’s economic growth. This technological trend in entrepreneurship is very useful […]

Becoming the Bridge Of Economic Empowerment & Sustainability through SMEs

The concept of economic empowerment has become a driving force for change, and with the support of many industry players, banks, fintech companies, and governments are reshaping the economic landscape to create a more profound impact on the world economy. The Global Economic Empowerment trends have been growing in the last few years and there […]

Closing the Gender Gap in Entrepreneurship for a Stronger Economy

Empowering Women Entrepreneurs: Catalyzing Economic Growth Women entrepreneurs aren’t just rewriting financial equations; they’re redefining social dynamics. There is an estimated $28 trillion in world GDP if there is gender equality. This further defines the role of women as naturally born leaders who hold the balance in the professional world to the household (Sheerin and […]

Akselerasi Startup Digital dalam Scale Up Bisnis Untuk Hadapi Investasi Lebih Selektif

Ekosistem startup Indonesia, yang pernah menjadi solusi terhadap inovasi dan pertumbuhan, sedang mengalami penurunan investasi yang cukup signifikan di paruh pertama tahun 2023. Terlepas dari sejarah pertumbuhan yang kuat dan lingkungan bisnis yang menguntungkan, alokasi investasi kepada startup digital yang lesu telah menimbulkan kekhawatiran. Salah satu faktor penyebabnya adalah naiknya suku bunga acuan dunia. Hal  yang sebelumnya […]