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Places (Hubs) to Support Startup & Entrepreneur Ecosystem activities

KUMPUL's Hubs is an ecosystem builder that has the same mission with KUMPUL to empowering entrepreneur and building the local community across Indonesia.

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Benefits of Joining Our Hubs

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Corporate Partner

Chances to connect your industry to related leading corporate

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Alumni Program

After the program, there will be ongoing post-program support.

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Investor Access

Meet the Indonesia's most active VCs and Angel investors in your industry.

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Demo Day

A day to celebrate your accomplishments throughout the program with investors, corporations, and mentors.

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Unrivaled access to an Indonesia network of mentors, business partners, industry experts, and alumni covering over 33 locations.


Collaborate with KUMPUL and ecosystem to distribute as much as possible programs, knowledge, insights, experiences and opportunities to each and every entrepreneurs in Indonesia

72+ Hubs

33 cities from 22 province across Indonesia

Anyone who identifies themself as an ecosystem builder (Coworking space / University / Community) that has mission to empower and build local communities