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Markus Liman Rahardja

VP of Investment and Business Development


Richie Wirjan

VP of Investment


Veronica Sari Utami

Marketing Director - Indonesia, Phillippines, South East Asia Next Billion Users

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Frequently Asked Questions

Expert plays a key role in helping entrepreneur in growing their business to give inputs, evaluate as well as connect the business to relevant party.
Experts are able to collaborate with the businesses.
Process experts have typically experienced entrepreneurs who have founded several startups (and had CEO roles) in the past and have an in-depth holistic experience of the entrepreneurship process. Their main competency is their experience with the entrepreneurial process as a whole and its various aspects and challenges, both professional and personal.
Skill experts (functional experts) are industry experts from various startup-related fields, such as finance, marketing, product development, UX (user experience) or pitching. With their high skill, they can tutor entrepreneurs and help them progress in the relevant aspect in their venture.
Domain experts are industry experts from the specific domains in which the startups operate, such as the cyber, automotive, banking, advertising, music or travel industries. The domain expert has in-depth knowledge of the industry and can help the entrepreneur to better understand the specific domain of the startup and connect them with various key players in the ecosystem of this domain.
Investment experts are investors or other professionals with experience in fundraising and investor selection processes. They can provide feedback to founders regarding their pitch and their readiness for investment and identify weaknesses in the business plan and model that reduce the odds of successful fundraising.

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