KUMPUL is an Indonesian entrepreneur ecosystem builder that collaborates with more than 80 ecosystem builders. Entrepreneurs can pick from over 20 programs to meet their specific needs. The good news is that we have qualified mentors who can assist you in growing your business. KUMPUL is constantly evolving in order to achieve its goal of democratizing digital entrepreneurship empowerment


"Providing more access of entrepreneurship empowerment in Indonesia"

Memberikan akses yang lebih merata untuk pemberdayaan kewirausahaan di seluruh Indonesia.


  1. Connecting Founders & Startups together with Mentors & VC.
  2. Supporting ecosystem activities
  3. Creating Entrepreneurship Empowerment Programs from various levels in Indonesia
  1. Mengkoneksikan Founders & Startups bersama with Mentor & VC
  2. Menjadi penunjang kegiatan yang dilakukan pelaku ekosistem.
  3. Membuat Program Pemberdayaan Kewirausahaan dari berbagai level di seluruh Indonesia


  • KUMPUL established in Bali
  • Indonesia Android Kejar Partner
  • Support Google Developer Group Indonesia
  • Local Partner for Gerakan Nasional 1000 Startup Digital
  • Expanding focus to empower startup ecosystem across Indonesia
  • Strategic Partner of Techstars
  • National Coordinator for Gerakan Nasional 1000 Startup Digital
  • 10 Local Partners across Indonesia
  • Work with 1 agency within the government
  • 70 Local Partners in 32 cities across Indonesia
  • Empower ecosystem through 9+ programs
  • Nurtured 350+ startups and creating 900+ pre-startups
  • 5 Government Partners to support ecosystem
  • Together we accelerate entrepreneurs
    across Indonesia